The Future is Plant-Based

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As a Vegan company we’ve been so excited to see the creation of beyond burger and impossible meats recently. But, plant-based does not stop with the food industry or restaurants. Many other organizations are taking the ‘Vegan Avenue’. Keep reading to learn more…


10+ Free Life is proud to bring you our line of Vegan & plant-based nail colors and nail care products. If you haven’t already, you can see them all here > 


Many cosmetics companies are also opting for products that are free of animal products, and are no-longer testing on animals. We’re here for it!


Brands within the fashion space are revolutionizing what we have grown accustomed to. A company called Modern Meadow has developed a way to create lab grown leathers. With new ways of creating leather, companies like this can start to take business away from traditional leather products, which in turn, will lower the need for livestock!


Meatless Mondays have been implemented in public schools in New York state. Students have access to vegetarian breakfast and lunch meals. Other schools grow fruits and vegetables in their own gardens. We love to hear that - not only is it educational, but it promotes plant-based thinking to students!


It’s so important to support businesses that have committed to being plant-based or Vegan. Supporting these companies and initiatives through buying their products lets other companies know that you want to see widespread change happen! 

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