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At 10+ Free Chemistry, our decades of research, development, and innovation have allowed us to create our cutting edge nail polishes and Nail-NRGY Bio-Peptide Complex Formula. Green chemistry and the science of nature have come together to create our line of nontoxic,100% vegan, and cruelty free nail polishes and nail treatments that outperform, outshine, and outlast salon formulas. 

Our unique patented Nail-NRGY Bio-Peptide Complex Formula of naturally derived ingredients provides your nails with the very best to revive dry, brittle nails and restore your nails strength, moisture, and natural brightness. Our formula allows your nails to breathe and acts as a protective barrier from substances like water and alcohol-based products (like hand sanitizers) that you come in contact with throughout the day. Our revolutionary Nail-NRGY Bio-Peptide Complex Formula is the result of countless hours of research and experimentation by our scientist. Through this hard work and determination, our laboratory teams have been able to develop this advanced complex formula that uses plant based cellulose to maximize the adhesion and flexibility of our polishes to move with your nails while simultaneously increasing your nail strength.  

Our 10+ Free Chemistry nail polishes with Nail-NRGY Bio-Peptide Complex Formula is the first major advancement in nail polishes since the 1980s when UV light activated polishes entered the manicure scene, and the mandatory removal of the ingredient Toluene from nail polished came in to effect. Here at 10+ Free Chemistry we're proud to share our revolutionary nail polish formulas with you and help put more clean beauty into the world! We want to help give you your best nails yet with our innovative nail polishes that provide the durability to withstand 10+ days of full coverage, chip resistance, and long wear protection.

Our 10+ Free Commitment means that all of our products are free of Methylisothiazolinone (MIT), Dibutyl Phthalate (DPB), Formaldehyde Donors, Formaldehyde Resin, Triphenyl Phosphates, Ethyl Tosylamide, MEHQ/HQ, Mineral Oil, Camphor, Toluene, Paraben, Guanine, Xylene, Gluten and Lead.- that’s nail polish you can trust!

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