Cruelty Free Beauty Should Be The Standard

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At 10 Free Chemistry, ethics come first. Producing cruelty free and vegan nail polishes is a fundamental principle in our mission: To create the cleanest, most natural nail color available. While most beauty brands are jumping onto the bandwagon, advertising to be cleaner, more “organic," and eco conscious, many talk the talk, but few walk the walk.

The ongoing boom in technology, social media, and influencer marketing has created an increasing awareness of the traumatic and fatal realities of testing cosmetics on animals. As a result, big brands appeal to today’s more educated consumer by making changes to their marketing campaigns and their products (or even creating new ones). And while it’s good companies are making these changes, many of the attempts are half-hearted, as though they’re just responding to a trend. But cruelty free in cosmetics is in no way a trend. It’s a principle that the world is increasingly adopting and needs to be core to our industry as a whole.

As the cosmetic industry has matured and modernized, there should be no reason for any makeup product to be tested on animals anymore. The research and harm has already been done, so many of the commonly used ingredients in cosmetics have already been tested on animals and we’ve developed new ways to test products without harming animals. It’s 2019 people!

If the EU, India, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, etc. all have country wide bans on animal testing, why can’t we? And while California passed the SB-1249 bill, it’s not nearly robust enough. Ideally, we’d go further, and insist progress be made at a federal level.

It’s important consumers continue to voice their desire for cruelty free beauty so that companies can stop using this archaic, outdated practice. We should avoid brands that still test on animals and continue to support brands that don’t… Like us! 

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