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Fall is such a fun time of the year, there are so many seasonal activities to take part in! Read on to see what color nails would perfectly compliment your favorite Autumn adventures. 


Blue nail color tells the world that you are fun and willing to try new things! So, what will you and your new blue nails do? Consider entering a chilli cookoff, or teaching yourself how to knit!

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Spice, Spice Baby

Dark nails are a signature move of anyone that has a creative side. Give our dark red color a try who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to start that painting or write a poem that you’ve been thinking about.

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Is your favorite Fall activity going to a sunflower field and taking cute pics? If so, a yellow nail polish is going to be just right for you. Yellow nails represent the Sun and show off your inner warmth. 

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Free Falling

This dusty pink color gives off youthful and relaxed vibes. You’ll love wearing this hue to a bonfire with your friends tell a spooky ghost story and have an extra s’more for us!

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Leaf Me Be

Green nails let people know that you are Earthy and spunky. With these gorgeous green nails you’ll catch everyone’s attention out in the apple orchard!

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Hay There

Are you dramatic, confident, and passionate? Us too! This red nail color is a great shade for the host or hostess of a murder mystery party. 

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All our nail colors are non-toxic and plant based, so you can be confident, healthy, and sexy  in any look you choose to go with!

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