A Winter 2021 Survival Manicure

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While frequent hand washing and sanitizing can help protect you from illnesses, such as COVID-19 and the flu, it also, unfortunately, wreaks havoc on your hands. Right now, with the winter months upon us, excessive moisture from cold temperatures outdoors and dryness from the indoors results in a recipe for damaged hands and nails.

Here are some tips for reversing the damage: 

If polishing your nails isn’t your thing or you’re just currently on hiatus, protect your nails with a combination of nail growth serum and cuticle oil. Not only will the serum strengthen your nails, but it encourages nail growth, eliminates brittleness, and makes your nails look healthy and beautiful. When you add cuticle oil, it’s the perfect addition for complete winter rescue relief.  

Our recommendations: Try 10+ Free Life Nail Growth Serum and 10+ Free Life Rose Cuticle Oil

10+Free Life tip: Use our nail growth serum on top of your nails and underneath in the morning, plus before bed. Afterward, hydrate those cuticles with some of our Rose Cuticle Oil.

For those nail polish enthusiasts, consider nail polish and nail polish remover that are non-toxic and acetone-free. With continued exposure to harmful chemicals, those super dry, damaged nails caused by frequent handwashing and extreme temps will become even drier and more brittle. 

Our recommendations: 10+ Free Life Clean Nail Polish and 10+ Free Life Acetone-Free Nail Polish Remover are made from plants, vitamins, and minerals that help rejuvenate your nails instead of further damaging them.

10+ Free Life tip: For an added punch of nail rehydration (99.5% natural hydrating oils), add our clean cuticle oil to the mix!

*Bonus buy* For a combination of clean nail polish and acetone-free nail polish remover, pick up the Daily Nail Essentials bundle. 

Now, we have the nails covered, but what about your hands? After all, they’re the ones getting beaten up the most by all the soap, hand sanitizer, and extreme cold. When your hands are dry, daily moisture can repair your skin’s natural barrier. 

Our recommendation: 10+ Free Life Daily Moisturizer 

10+ Free Life tip: Use the daily moisturizer after every handwash/use of sanitizer. 

*Bonus buy* For those interested in trying a combination of the nail growth serum, cuticle oil, and daily moisturizer, consider purchasing the DIY Spa Manicure, which includes all three products, plus a cuticle remover. 

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