10+ Free Life’s COVID Message

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At 10+ Free Life, we know the last year has been difficult for everyone. Some of you have lost jobs, friends, family members, and relationships in general. Others have been quarantining since March 2020, only venturing out for necessities.


We want to salute our frontline workers. Without your selflessness & generosity, we would not be in the position we’re in today. 


At 10+ Free Life, we’ve stayed committed in our efforts to provide our customers with plant-based, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free products. From customer feedback, we understand how much our clean nail polish, nail care, and skincare mean to you, especially at a time like this. As health has been at the forefront of all of our minds, we know that many of you consider clean items your go-to beauty products.


Since our store is online, we’re proud to say that we’ve remained open this entire past year. In fact, we’re happy to say that our 10+ Free Life Hand Sanitizer (with 80% alcohol) has been used to help protect against COVID-19. 


We’ve also heard from you that our Daily Moisturizer helps with common dry skin issues caused by frequent handwashing. We’re glad you’re able to rehydrate, nourish, moisturize, and rebuild your skin’s natural barrier to immediately relieve dry chapped skin with our clean products. 


As warmer weather is right around the corner, we hope that all of you remain safe. Please know that we value all of our customers, and thank you for your support. 

For all your clean nail polish, nail care, and skincare needs, visit our website.

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